Accurates constructs a series of good cases for specialist building materials supplier and recovers £1.4m

Claim Value


Sector Type

Industrial, Engineering and Logistics

Service Line

Business Rates Audit Property Usage Review


United Kingdom


For this supplier of specialist materials to the construction and related sectors, Accurates undertook a compliance and validation exercise in relation to the groups computed business rates liabilities (occupied and empty liabilities).

Our team reconstructed and scrutinised for compliance, individual historical and current billing authority liability records held for all of the companies (past and present) within the group.

We especially focused on the assumptions behind calculations and verification against the various statutes, statutory instruments, cases and practice/guidance notes concerning the billing and collection of non-domestic rates.

We are also adding further value to the process by deploying our live and on-going  compliance audit service (business rates health check), which has been designed by former local authority revenues officers.

The results

£1.4m recovered to date.

Accurates - key working methods:

  • Desktop forensic analyses of computed liabilities within our compliance audit centre to avoid disruption to clients’ operational activities
  • Identification of potential for reduced business rate charges via the examination of ‘virtual’ demand notices produced using our rate liability calculator programmes;
  • Selection of most appropriate and effective methods for securing the maximum rebate for clients, both retrospectively and going forward
  • Preparation, submission and monitoring of detailed compliance and audit claims to billing authorities by Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation qualified former local authority revenues officers
  • Negotiation of claims with billing authorities, including any responses to Revenues Officers’ queries
  • •Ensuring local interpretations, judgements, determinations and systems meet legal and administrative requirements.