Accurates recovers over £750,000 for multinational mobile network operator

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Mobile Communications

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Business Rates Audit Compliance Review


United Kingdom

Accurates, part of the UK property tax team, was instructed to undertake a historical validation exercise in relation to the computed business rate liabilities and rebates in the UK for the world’s leading international mobile telecommunications group on their radio base station portfolio.

In this case, the Accurates team had to re-construct and scrutinised for compliance, individual historical and current billing authority liability records held for the company throughout the UK.

We especially focused on the assumptions behind calculations and verification against the various statutes, statutory instruments, cases and practice/guidance notes concerning the billing and collection of non-domestic rate liabilities. Our forensic auditors constructed ‘virtual’ rate demands and refund computations and, using our letter of authority, executed comparisons against the historical records held by billing authorities.

By the use of precisely engineered methodologies, the Accurates team was able to expose any inaccurate calculations and non-compliance, which in some cases had led to overcharges going back over a number of years.

Our experts in the regulations governing the calculation, billing, collection and enforcement of rate liabilities and the legislation covering other areas of rating practice, which is extremely complex and subject to constant change, are skilled specialists.