Accurates lays down the law and wins £500,000 rebate

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Legal Services

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Business Rates Audit Compliance Review


United Kingdom

When this limited liability law partnership moved into expensive, bespoke offices in the City, the Thames wasn’t the only thing they overlooked.

Our client received a rate demand for more than £3 million, for full rates from the start of their occupancy, and paid up without question – overlooking the possibility that their local authority had billed them incorrectly.

A very satisfactory verdict, and cheque

We judged the situation differently and carried out a detailed forensic examination of the paperwork issued by the authority, then cross-checked it with information provided by our client’s project manager.

Our team built a case against the charges and won. The council granted a retrospective, discretionary business rate refund of just over £500,000, paid by cheque to our very satisfied client.