Accurates delivers £1,250,000 savings for potteries' firms in acknowledgement of unique work patterns

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Industrial, Engineering and Logistics

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Compliance Review


United Kingdom

Accurates has worked with several Staffordshire pottery manufacturing companies to obtain recognition that their traditional work patterns were appropriate for discretionary rate relief.

Together with a number of household names in pottery, plus the relevant billing authorities, we produced a way of determining rates that reflected the unique nature of this type of manufacturing.

A convincing interpretation of the law

Our rate compliance audit specialists are ex local authority revenues officers, and were well placed to produce a convincing case. They gathered manufacturing and production data, and proposed to the authorities that the companies' unique annual timetable meant they should be treated uniquely and granted discretionary rate relief.

We lodged a fully documented and substantiated claim in each case, showing that our interpretation of rating law and practice was supported by both the letter and the spirit of the law and could be applied directly to these specific circumstances.

Accurates obtained total rate relief in the region of £1.25 million.