Accurates “Efficiency Review” initiative recovers £1,250,000 for nationwide DIY chain

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United Kingdom

Accurates undertook an ‘efficiency review’ exercise in relation to the computed business rate charges for a nationwide chain offering DIY supplies and goods for the home and garden.

Working with the local authority

Our team re-constructed and scrutinised for compliance, individual historical and current billing authority liability records held for the company. We especially focused on the assumptions behind calculations and verification against the various statutes, statutory instruments, cases and practice/guidance notes concerning the billing and collection of non-domestic rate liabilities.

By the use of precisely engineered methodologies, the Accurates team was able to expose any inaccurate calculations and non-compliance.

We were also able to agree that the company’s unique annual business cycle was treated as a special case and granted discretionary relief to the tune of £1.25 million.