Operational factors identified at a power plant producing savings of 1.3m

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Industrial, Engineering and Logistics Electricity, gas, oil, water and multi-utilities

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Business Rates Audit Property Usage Review


United Kingdom

Accurates was invited to investigate the work patterns of a flagship power station, operated by a major global industrial conglomerate, with a view to obtaining discretionary rate relief.

We tracked the generator plant's performance data and our experts also worked with the plant manager to establish the areas where operational efficiency would have been affected by the maintenance programme.

Arguing the case for discretion

Our team then submitted a well-argued report to the local billing authority setting out the key events, and showing how the effect of this work satisfied the authority's criteria for exercising discretion in its rate charges.

We also had to make sure that our proposal complied with the position taken by the regional government on discretionary relief and empty rating, following changes in the law introduced from 1 April 2008.

Accurates' submission won the argument and, as a result, we saved the client £1.3 million in discretionary business rate allowances.