Why is the question, "Can you be sure you haven’t overpaid your rates now or in the past?", so important?

When you think that billing authorities, usually local councils, send out hundreds of thousands of new and revised rate demands every year it’s easy to see the enormous potential for mistakes. And given the scale of it, because rating brings in around £30 billion a year for the government, councils are unlikely to notice their errors.

It may not be deliberate but the effects are the same. Inaccurate calculations and accidental non-compliance leads to overcharging, often over several years and it all adds up. Effectively businesses are losing substantial sums of money and never realising it.

Even if you suspect overcharging, proving it is another matter. There are complex regulations governing calculation, billing, collection and enforcement of rate liabilities, and more regulations to govern the compilation and alteration of valuation lists.

All these regulations are subject to change, need to be applied within locally defined administrative frameworks and will interact on a day to day basis. That’s where Accurates comes in.

We have a team of highly skilled, forensic rating compliance audit specialists; many are ex-local authority officers who know the system from the inside and they are all qualified by the Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation.

If you’ve been overcharged, we’ll find it, prove it and get your money back.

John Webber | Richard Sheppard
National Head of Rating | Head of Accurates