Property usage review

Analyse the way your operations affect your property usage to help minimise your business rates bills.

You may be unaware your business rates bill might not accurately reflect the way your property is being used. Our business rates specialists can identify these potential savings within your portfolio and also advise on the various discretionary and other allowances that may be appropriate.

Here’s how we can help you:

Review and recommendations

We offer a fully managed service that won’t affect your operational activity, but has the potential to uncover significant hidden savings where others won’t. With minimal impact on your business and at no risk to you, we are able to undertake a comprehensive review of the way you are using your property.

We will then make bespoke recommendations on how the use of your property can be reflected in the business rates you pay, with the aim of minimising your business rates liability by enhancing your relief entitlement.

Project management 

We will liaise directly with your local billing authority to ensure any changes are accurately reflected in your business rates bill. Thereafter, we can continue to monitor your property usage and any relevant legislation changes with the aim of ensuring you don’t miss out on any future saving opportunities.

This service can be particularly helpful when moving in and out of properties, or where internal changes or reconfigurations have been made.