Empty rates mitigation

Reduce your current empty property rates liability and recover historic empty property charges.

If you own property which is, or has been, unoccupied, we can help you save money. By undertaking a comprehensive review of your current and historic empty property liability, our business rates specialists team can recommend and implement a range of legislation-compliant solutions to significantly enhance the rate reliefs and exemptions you may be entitled to.

Here’s how we can help you:

Cost reduction

We have the expertise to reduce your costs on holding empty property by undertaking an in-depth review of your current and historic empty property costs, as well as developing a range of bespoke and legislation-compliant solutions to help minimise your future empty property rates liabilities.

Statutory reliefs, allowances and exemptions

Our aim is to ensure you benefit from any statutory reliefs, allowances and exemptions you may be entitled to, as well as identifying appropriate additional commercial uses for any empty property you hold now or in the future. These can be in the form of temporary and carefully timed occupation solutions, ensuring your exemption periods and cost savings are maximised.

Legislative updates

As tax compliance experts in business rates, our objective is to ensure that you are aware of legislation changes. We want to provide you with a fully managed service that complies with current regulation.