Business rates audit

Ensure your business rates liabilities have been correctly calculated, now and in the past.

Because of the complex way business rates bills are calculated, your local authority could be overcharging your business, as well as having done so in the past. Our business rates specialists can establish if your current and historic business rates bill calculations are correct and challenge them when they’re not, ensuring you benefit from all of the rebates, reliefs and exemptions you are entitled to. 

Here’s how we can help you:


With little or no impact on your business, we can examine your current and historical business rates bills to see if overcharges have been made, even if you no longer occupy or own the properties in question. We will establish if the principles behind the calculation from your local billing authority are correct and where inaccuracies are identified we will challenge these on your behalf.

Rate reliefs and exemptions

We also investigate whether you are entitled to any rate reliefs or exemptions that are not currently reflected in your bill. Should this be the case, our team of tax compliance experts will ensure this is corrected and your potential savings significantly enhanced.

Discretionary reliefs

Whilst most reliefs available are mandatory, there are some discretionary reliefs available which can be difficult to identify. By using our knowledge of local billing authorities practices and procedures, and constantly monitoring legislation, our aim is to discover and secure all of the applicable reliefs on your portfolio. We don't want you to miss out on any available savings.