How we can help

Due to the complex and technical nature of calculating and administering business rates, we are finding businesses aren’t always aware of all the savings they could be making or the reliefs they are entitled to. As the business rates your organisation pays can often be one of your largest liabilities, it’s important to ensure the amount you pay is 100% correct so your business can plan with confidence.

Our team of UK business rates forensic auditors is made up of Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation (IRRV) qualified, former local authority tax collectors and specialist data analysts who deal directly with local billing authorities to make sure the bills you pay are correct and your business receives all of the reliefs and exemptions it’s entitled to.

What we can help with:

Business rates audit >>

Ensure your business rates liabilities have been correctly calculated, now and in the past.

Empty rates mitigation >>

Reduce your current empty property rates liability and recover historic empty property charges.

Property usage review >>

Analyse the way your operations affect your property usage to minimise your business rates bills.

Working with us:

Bespoke and risk-free

  • A free, no-obligation review service.
  • An honest and accurate appraisal of your business rates bill accuracy.
  • A service that won’t affect your incumbent rating agent’s work.
  • Complete control over which solutions are implemented.
  • Comfort that the process and solutions comply with all up-to-date legislation.
  • Solutions tailored to your specific business and property portfolio needs.

Focused on savings and recovery

  • Assurance the bills you are paying are correct.
  • Confidence you’re receiving all the rates relief you’re eligible for.
  • Identifying savings you may not know existed.
  • Potential cost savings and reduction in your future liabilities.
  • A reduction in your annual overheads.
  • Potential recovery of historic savings.
  • Significant cost savings on your empty property.
  • Potential cash rebates from inaccurate bills dating back to 1990.

Easy for you

  • Minimal or no impact on your business resource and time.
  • Improved cash-flow management for your business.
  • The ability to incorporate accurate information into your business plans.
  • Reduction in the administrative burden empty property has on your business.
  • Full reporting and recording to ensure transparency.
  • Dedicated account management tailored to your portfolio and business needs.

Whilst you may know the specific business rates service you require, there may be other areas we could help you save money on and manage more effectively on your behalf. Contact us to see how we can help.